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12th September 2018.  The Cure for Hiccoughs

Some people never suffer, some do occasionally and other unfortunates have been constantly hiccoughing for years with so signs of stopping.  So, I've decided to give this secret to visitors to this site without charge although it would be nice if anyone who is cured using this method made a donation to West Midlands Against Fluoridation.  The donation button is at the top of the Home Page.

So here goes:

As soon as you can, after the hiccoughing starts, go into the kitchen or bathroom and fill a tumbler or glass with cold water (not fluoridated).

Find somewhere where, if you reach up, your hand can grasp onto something firm which will not move; the top of the door frame, for example.

Now, with the glass of water in your free hand, stretch your body upwards.  Just imagine that you're trying to straighten out your alimentary canal.  The stretching has the effect of straightening your food pipe.  Stretch upwards as much as you can and then tilt your head backwards.  It also helps, psychologically, at this stage to try to stand on tip toe

Now drink some of the water.  If you have to move the position of your head to do this, that's OK as long as you immediately tilt it back again so that the food pipe and the stomach are once again stretched..

Maintain this stretched position until you hear an internal 'wurble'.  Gently restore your body to normal non-stretched state.  Take a few shallow breaths.  If the hiccoughs don't resume, you will have got rid of your unwelcome visitor.  If the hiccoughs resume, repeat the performance.

Sometimes you won't hear the 'wurble'.  That's fine if the hiccoughs don't continue after you have stopped stretching.

Rationale:  a bubble of air has become trapped where the food pipe joins the stomach.  No amount of jumping up and down will dislodge the bubble. The alimentary canal needs to be straightened in order to remove the pocket where the bubble is trapped in order to dislodge it.  Drinking water helps to force the bubble up.   While the bubble remains trapped, your stomach lining reacts to this irritation by trying to dislodge the bubble but cannot.  The 'trying to' is the hiccough which is amplified courtesy of your voice box. It's my guess that those people with chronic hiccoughs have a slightly different anatomy: perhaps where their stomach meets their food pipe, there is a deeper pocket around the food pipe.  Their bubble has been trapped there for years.  This is a particularly stressful situation for anyone to endure.

This 'cure' works for me everytime.  I hope that you will also get good results.  Please let me know by emailing

Caution: It's important that you hold onto something stable while performing the cure.  No good curing the hiccoughs at the same time as breaking a leg!

12th September 2018.  The Water Cure

The LINK takes you to a page on Natural News by Mike Adams where he interviews a doctor who has a firm belief in the restorative power of water.

9th May 2017.  Iodine deficiency and cancer
An article by Elyn Jacobs posted on the Truth About Cancer discusses the importance of iodine in our diets.  Below, I have copied and extracted the article's summary.  To go to the full article, here is the URL: LINK 

Iodine is a critical mineral in the prevention of cancer that has been used in one form or another for centuries.

When iodine was taken out of food in the 1970s politicians suggested that people could get trace amounts of iodine in iodized salt.

This hasn’t worked for two reasons:

    Recommendations were made to reduce sodium intake, and

    Iodine in salt evaporates as soon as the package is opened, rendering it useless

Iodine consumption – which has plummeted 50 percent since the 1970s – is known for its connection to thyroid health. It is less known that other tissues also require large amounts of iodine, namely the breasts, pancreas, stomach, brain, and thymus.

Iodine has been found to:

·  alter gene expression in breast cancer cells and facilitate cell death.

·  be stronger than a chemotherapeutic agent widely used to treat human breast cancer.

·  reduce risk of stomach and breast cancer, and has been used in the remission of lung cancer.

·  support healthy immune function and regulate the stress hormone cortisol.

Given the high rate of deficiency, iodine testing can and should be requested. Here are some possible iodine testing methods:

·  A random urine test ordered by a physician is a good place to start.

·  The iodine patch test refers to painting a two inch square of tincture of iodine or Lugol’s Iodine on the body and watching to see how long the orange square takes to fade. However, this test is not considered to be reliable or conclusive.

·  The gold standard is the 24 Hour Iodine Loading Test, which can be done with a doctor or via online testing at Hakala Labs and others.

You can get iodine from some foods (especially seaweed) and supplements. If supplementing, consult with a qualified health practitioner who can guide you on dosages suitable for your body, health condition, and lifestyle.

8th May 2017. Vaping.

E-cigarette smoking is NOT safe.  It's another cynical strategy to keep humans addicted.  Here is a website LINK which explains the issue brilliantly:

6th April 2016.  Sodium Nitrite

Today we learned that this compound is to be fed to feral pigs in the USA in order to eradicate them.  Apparently, their population is expanding almost exponentially.  However, this is the same compound which is added to preserved meats (bacon, some sausages etc) in order to prevent botulism. Sodium nitrite is also a carcinogen.  No more needs to be said.


Vitamins and Minerals
:  Are they beneficial to health?  This is Jon Barron's extensive article on what supplements to buy and trust.                         

The 5 principles of preventing disease.

1.  Disease flourishes in an acidic body. Take steps to increase your body's pH. (The jury is out on this particular recommendation and drinking alkaline water may not be the way forward.  Do the research.)

2.  Increase the oxygen content of your blood.

3.   Refrain from sugar and grains: cancer tumours fluorish in the presence of sugars.  Eat foods which convert very slowly into glucose so that you do not get a sugar rush.

4.   Avoid exposing yourself to toxins.  If you are already ill, then you need to detox.

5.   Eat organic vegetables and fruit and reduce your red meat intake.  Smaller portions perhaps?

In short, stop taking in toxins, get rid of bioaccumulated toxins and eat a vegetable and fruit-based diet, preferably organic.

Depression: banishing it the gentle way

Taken from Mike Adams "Natural News" website, we are told that curcumin helps the body to recover from depression.  LINK

A Possible Cause of Fibromyalgia  

FM is a modern disease and it seems strange that it exists mainly in the Western World in countries which fluoridate their water.  The symptoms of FM are in fact indicative of acute fluoride toxicity.

The USA has been progressively fluoridated since 1945 and today there are 8-10 million Americans, mostly women, with the condition.  Two hundred thousand US war veterans also suffer from a disease whose symptoms are similar to the symptoms experienced by FM sufferers.  It is believed that the war veterans were exposed to minute traces of Sarin Gas (which contains fluoride) whilst serving in the armed forces.

When a person is compromised by ill health and by deficient levels of magnesium, vitamin D3 and other essential minerals and vitamins, that person is likely to develop FM (or ME or CFS).  If they are then prescribed a medicine which contains fluoride (organofluorines), their health may be compromised even further.

Fluorinated drugs represent a different category of fluorine compounds (organofluorines) than the fluorine compounds (inorganic fluorides) used in dentistry and water fluoridation. It is unclear to what extent, if any, fluorinated drugs may increase the body burden of inorganic fluoride. This uncertainty is amplified by the lack of available data from the pharmaceutical companies.

More research should be undertaken to clarify the potential for organofluorine compounds to metabolize into inorganic fluoride in the body. Recent research shows that some fluorinated drugs (e.g., many anaesthetics) may in fact increase the body’s burden of fluoride. It is imperative, therefore, that additional research be conducted to determine how many other organofluorine drugs, and which ones, result in increased inorganic fluoride exposure.

(Source: )

The list categorises the medicines which contain organofluorines.  Depressing the Ctrl key while clicking on the words opens a new window which lists the names of the medicines.


The issue of fluoride and Fibromyalgia is discussed by Jason Uttley in his article “The cause of fibromyalgia.”

 Uttley, Jason A. (2007) The Cause of Fibromyalgia 


It would be wise for the FM, ME or CFS sufferer to avoid fluoride as much as possible and to supplement with the essential minerals and vitamins which are lacking in the body.  Abstention from caffeine is advised because it interferes with the bioavailability of essential viramins and minerals.  

For more information, go to the web page on this site which discusses fluoride avoidance strategy.


This page is being populated gradually.  Soon to come:

Acidic body.  It's really simple to increase the pH of your body without spending lots of money and without taking health-damaging indigestion tablets.

Magnesium deficiency.  An effortless way to address this problem.

Recurrent stye's (on eyelids).  

Make your own colloidal silver.