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Money Down the Drain Initiative 2015

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These two images are both sides of a proposed postcard for handing out to people who may be concerned about the waste of public money caused by water fluoridation.   The "money going down the drain" image is also an A4 poster.



Write to your politicians, national or local, for free:  LINK

Here are some relevant 'pointers':

Fluoridation violates our rights to refuse consent to a medical intervention/ treatment.  The NHS Constitution is there to protect us and we ought to use it.
Here is an extract:

"Which political actors must take account of the NHS Constitution?
The following are required by law to take account of the NHS Constitution in their decisions and actions:
the Secretary of State for Health;
all NHS bodies, including, for example, your local clinical commissioning group, NHS trust and NHS foundation trust;
all private and voluntary sector providers supplying NHS services for example GPs; and
local authorities in the exercise of their public health functions.    LINK

No-one who is alive today in England and who is fluoridated has ever been asked if they want to receive compulsory medicine in their water supply.

Current fluoridation schemes were put in place by Health Boards/Authorities at a time when the public was not consulted.  This is particularly true of the fluoridation schemes in the West Midlands, including that of Birmingham which became fluoridated in 1964 at the bidding of an influential but misguided City Councillor.  Because there is general ignorance about the presence of fluoride in their drinking water, people do not rise up and protest.  Fluoridation is also a complicated issue and it really is vital to do your homework before protesting.

Moreover, few people know that they're fluoridated because the issue is keep under wraps. Even when efforts are made to start fluoridation in an area, the news rarely appears in national media. Thus, West Midlanders were not inspired to approach their local authorities when the proposed fluoridation scheme in Southampton was shelved because the surrender by Public Health England did not appear in national media.

Even when the issue reaches the national media, those opposed to fluoridation are ridiculed and labelled as being emotive - even if those opposed to the practice are scientists.

During 2015 and 2014, there are have been 5 research reports which provide conclusive data against fluoridation and fluoride:

The Lancet

Kent University


Fluoridation violates our rights under Art. 2 and Art. 5 of the Council of Europe's Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine.  The UK and the Republic of Ireland cannot ratify this convention because that would show them up as being complete hypocrits.  LINK

Fluoridation is a continuing experiment on millions of people who have never been asked if they consent.  Thus, the practice violates the Nuremberg Code which was specifically formulated in 1947 to prevent excesses of the State.  LINK

Fluoridation violates the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, October 2005, Art. 6, which is ignored even though the UK is a founding member of that organisation.  LINK

It also seems that the UK Government is oblivious to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, 17 July 1998, Article 7k. LINK