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18th April – 31st December 2012 are missing from the record.


 17th April 2012

Useful references: 

The Public Philosopher: Should We Bribe People to be Healthy?

Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment: Statement on Arsenic in Food: Results of the 1999 Total Diet Study.

YARA Guidance notes on hexafluorosilicic acid: YARA and Fluoridation

24th March 2012

A damming indictment of fluoridation in all forms

The link takes you to a video from New Zealand of an interview between Dr Paul Connett of Fluoride Action Network and Dr John Colquhoun.  It's compelling and convincing!

18th March 2012 

Hansard, House of Lords,

Lord Alton of Liverpool (Crossbench)

In 1975, the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) explicitly designated fluoride as "not generally recognised as safe".  The FDA permits no fluoride whatsoever to be added to food or over-the-counter dietary supplements.  Therefore, it is not designated as safe at any level.  In March 1979, the FDA removed fluorine from the Federal Register meaning that the substance was no longer considered to be essential or a probably essential nutrient. 

Q. To ask Her Majesty's Government how the Department of Health balances patient safety with the interests of international competitors in medical research. (Hansard source: Citation: HL Deb, 21 March 2011, c114W)

Earl Howe (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Quality), Health; Conservative)

A. In line with international standards, the department's policy requires that the dignity, rights, safety and well-being of participants must be the primary consideration in any research study. This is stipulated in the Department's Research Governance Framework (second edition) and the Governance Arrangements for Research Ethics Committees.

Thinks !  The Department of Health 'speaks with forked tongue'.  Looks like another letter needs to be sent to the DH along the lines that West Midlanders are stuck in an experiment which has no end and no conclusions and which is unethical.  So why should fluoridated West Midlanders' safety be any different from patients' safety?

However, the US Department of Health, Education and Welfare exempted fluoridated water supplies from the FDA ban.  It also exempted the addition of such fluoridated water in the processing of food.

The UK's Food Safety Act, Section 55 exempts drinking water (which is a food) from the food safety provisions, while two illegal pieces of legislation (The Water Act 1985 and The Water Act 2003) allow the addition of fluoride to our drinking water.  The UK's Food Standards Agency (FSA) states "No essential function for fluorine has been proven in humans. However, it may have a role in bone mineralisation as it forms calcium fluoroapatite in teeth and bone and is known to protect against dental caries.  As no physiological requirement for fluorine has been established, guidelines on nutritional requirements have not been set. However, due to fluorine's role in the prevention of dental caries, some water supplies in the UK are fluoridated to achieve levels of 1 mg/l."

So, the FSA is sanguine about fluoride causing bone mineralisation without asking whether or not this is a good thing.  Note - there is no mention of the reduction in production of collagen in fluorapatite bone.  Whereas the US FDA states that fluoride "is not safe at any level", the FSA has yet to catch on!  (Adapted from Groves, B. 2001:Fluoride: Drinking ourselves to death. p. 257.)

7th March 2012

Listen Live to Annie Othen on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire radio at 10.30, 7th March 2012.  This is a short interview on fluoridation with Joy Warren of WMAF following interest from a member of the public on 6th March.

3rd March 2012

The water utility company which provides Sacramento (USA) with fluoridated water has admitted in its cost analysis which discusses fluoridation expenditure that "the target population of fluoridated drinking water is infants and small children".

So what about the unborn child who is getting fluoridated via the placenta whether its parents want it or not?  It's very convenient not to consider their mental and physical needs!

1st March 2012
A water utility in Carolina, USA, dumped 60 gallons of hexafluorosilicic acid into treated water in one 'dose' on 27th February. The utility took action immediately by visiting the 200 homes and businesses affected and warning people not to drink the water. But it could have been worse and more homes could have been affected. It's hard to believe that no-one was adversely affected. For the full story, go to Asheboro Fluoride Overdose.

Below is a highly interesting quotation from a powerful US organisation which is currently in favour of water fluoridation.  Note the date:

“Fluorine is a general protoplasmic poison, but the most important symptoms of chronic fluorine poisoning known at present are mottling of the teeth [Dental Fluorosis] and interference with bone formation”
                                                            (American Dental Association, 1936)
29th February 2012

Today, in Brussels, the European Petitions' Committee received a submission from Robert Pocock of Irish Voice in which he argued the case against water fluoridation. Although the Committee cannot make any rulings, they have ordered that his petition remains open. This means that the way is now clear for representations to be made to the EU. For the full story, go to United Kingdom Councils Against Fluoridation website.

One of our MEPs, Michael Cashman, has been approached so that he can intervene in favour of the petition. Here is the correspondence: Letter to Michael Cashman, 6th March 2012. For more information on this very important petition, go to Ireland Against Fluoridation.

18th February 2012
On 20th February in Tamworth, Staffordshire, Tamworth Borough Council is holding an inquiry into water fluoridation. The Inquiry starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm. The meeting will be held in public. Presenting on behalf of those against fluoridation are Dr Peter Mansfield and Dr Tony Lees. Presenting on behalf of the pro-fluoridationsts are Prof. Michael Lennon and Dr John Morris.

30th January 2012
The United Kingdom Councils Against Fluoridation site has just published an extensive article on the PIP breast implant scandal and has drawn comparisons between the use of industrial grade silicon implants and the use of the industrial grade hexafluorosilicic acid which is used in water fluoridation programmes. Guess what? Both breast implants and the fluoridating acid should be under the control of the Medicines and Healthcare (products) Regulatory Agency (MHRA). In both instances, the MHRA has singularly failed in its duty. Go to UKCAF PIP's Scandal to read the article.

LINK to radio interview between Prof. Mike Lennon (BFS) and Sarah Montague, Radio 4, Today.  Quite entertaining really.  Many complaints, including two from this organisation, have been sent to the General Dental Council and the BBC about Prof. Lennon's interview.

23rd January 2012
I've just received information from a Freedom of Information request regarding 'dental' milk (aka fluoridated milk). 10 Local Authorities in England are receiving European funding for adding fluoride to school milk. Can you credit it? Not satisfied with endangering the health of people in fluoridated areas, the pro-fluorosies are now stepping up their campaign to endanger the health of children in non-fluoridated areas. These are the same areas which have resisted fluoridation in the past. IS THERE NO ESCAPE?

The 10 local authorities who are unwittingly endangering the health of children in their area are:
St Helens,  Knowsley,  Wirral,   West Cheshire.  Manchester,  Trafford,   Leeds,  Sheffield
Barnsley,   Doncaster
At least, parents have to give their permission for their children to receive 'dental' milk and most give that permission, not realising the dangers. Giving permission is more than most of us have the opportunity to give. After all, aren't we all compulsory fluoridated in the West Midlands?

23rd January 2012
Extract from the Journal of the American Academy of Physicians' Assistants

During infancy, breastfeed or use bottled water (without added fluoride) to prepare the baby's formula. Use fluoride-free toothpaste for the first year to get children used to brushing their teeth, and try to teach them not to swallow the toothpaste. Then, when children are old enough, you can switch to fluoride-containing toothpaste. The most important thing is supervision. Do not let your children brush their teeth by themselves until you are absolutely sure that they will not swallow the toothpaste. They need to spit out the toothpaste and rinse the mouth thoroughly.
Comment: the light is gradually dawning the other side of the pond!

13th January 2012
Could today be 'Friday the 13th' for those who support fluoridation? Here is an extract from the Local Government Association website:
The LGA's position and agreed by all four political groups is clear... 
“Public health has been the core business of local government since its foundation. Councils already put a lot of effort, resources and imagination into improving the health and happiness of their communities and the Government’s decision to give town halls a leading role is a great opportunity to build on this good work”.
“Key to public health reform is ensuring local authorities are fully accountable to the people they serve for their record on improving health. As such, councils, following full, frank and informed consultation with residents, neighbouring authorities, water companies and health professionals, are best placed to decide whether or not fluoride is added to water.”

Comment: this being the case, all concerned fluoridated people currently living in fluoridated West Midlands areas controlled by the Unitary Authorities and the County Councils (see the list below) are encouraged to contact WMAF ( to offer active support. WMAF has now formed West Midlands Local Groups Against Fluoridation (WMLGAF) and we are offering a free web-site to anyone who is comfortably knowledgeable about fluoridation and who is willing and able to administer a local web-site and to organise petitions to their local Unitary Authority Council. Although the groups and their web-sites are still being formed, the main 'hub' website can be viewed on

LINK to radio interview between Prof. Mike Lennon (BFS) and Sarah Montague, Radio 4, Today.  Quite entertaining really.  Many complaints, including two from this organisation, have been sent to the General Dental Council and the BBC about Prof. Lennon's interview.


The following link leads to a letter which can be downloaded and sent to NHS Midlands and East Strategic Health Authority.  The letter emphasises your right to refuse medical treatment.  Please adapt it as you see fit.
Letter to NHS Midlands and East

A journal article which corroborates the conclusion that children who are Vitamin D deficient are more likely to experience dental decay.  Go to to read the brief article.  

On the other side of the world, in India, an ambitious scheme is nearing fruition.  A district comprising 132 villages is due to receive fluoride-free water.  Read the report here: Bhandara Villages   This expensive scheme has been put in place because the villagers have been suffering from bone deformities caused by fluoride in their well water.  


Let's get this straight once and for all:  fluoride does not strengthen permanent teeth.  If a toddler has too much fluoride when the permanent teeth are developing in the gums, the developing enamel is weakened.  When the teeth finally erupt, the enamel is porous and liable to staining and the influx of bacteria makes the staining even worse.  Young adults with 'mucky mottled teeth' want remedial treatment but this costs money and the treatment is not available on the NHS after the age of 18 if the teenager is not in advanced education.   So although the fluoridated child has possibly had its milk teeth saved from decay due to the delaying action of fluoride on the development of milk teeth, it pays for the rest of its life.