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27th November 2011
The Ennerdale WTW fluoridation dosing equipment in West Cumbria has been taken off line for maintenance and cleaning. Go to NHS Press Release
Cornhow, a neighbouring WTW to the north of Ennerdale, has not dosed the water with fluoride since 2006 due to H&S concerns. Newspaper article. Is it too much to hope that the dosing equipment at Ennerdale will not be switched back on again due to H&S concerns?
AN INTERESTING VIDEO which we have long wanted to post to this website. It's well worth watching for its humorous content. Go to The Lah-Lah Man. It's disturbing that the CE of the BDA is a prime mover responsible for vigorously sponsoring water fluoridation. His behaviour during the making of this short documentary shows him up in stark relief! (Source: "What's in Your Mouth, ITV, 16th Feb. 2009.)

19th November 2011
Today, we learned of a letter sent by Prof. John Newton of Southampton PCT. The letter was sent in response to a request under the Freedom of Information Act. The reply is somewhat ambiguous and heavily implies that Prof. John Newton is wool-gathering! Go to the link to read the letter and to make up your own minds. Prof. John Newton's Reply

14th November 2011

One small step in the fight against fluoridation: Severn Trent has added the word 'fluoride' to its Home Page. It can be seen just below Water Quality photograph when hovering over it. Severn Trent Water Home Page Note that the normal background level of natural fluoride in the water supply in the West Midlands is between 0.04ppm and 0.1ppm. 0.04ppm is 25 times less than the target concentration of artificial fluoride of 1ppm. Uttoxeter, South Staffordshire, is the exception and there, the natural fluoride of more than 1ppm has to be diluted down to 1ppm before it leaves the water treatment works. There is also a lack of understanding about the nature of natural fluoride which does not bio-accumulate at such low concentrations of 0.04ppm. Artificial fluoride bio-accumulates with approximately 50% remaining in blood, teeth, organs and bones. 70% of artificial fluoride bio-accumulates in people with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

11th November 2011
There are two new petitions on the Government epetitions website which are well worth signing:
Go to
"Fluoride in drinking water"
The petition entitled "Reduce or eliminate addition of poisonous fluoride to water" has not met with approval by those opposing fluoridation because of the opening statement and because 'reduction' is an unsatisfactory half-way house.

26th October 2011
Have you noticed Earl Howe's reply to a Written Question in Hansard:
Earl Baldwin of Bewdley: To ask Her Majesty's Government, further to the Written Answer by Earl Howe on 14 July (WA 202), how the ethical requirement for individual informed consent as set out by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in "Consent to medical treatment" applies to water fluoridation schemes. [HL11654]
Earl Howe: The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency considers that fluoridated water falls outside the definition of a medicinal product. Moreover, in our view, any infringement of human rights arising out of water fluoridation is justified by the benefits to oral health.
Parents have to give their permission for a child to have a dental examination which results in a diagnosis meaning that the dental examination is therefore a medical procedure - not treatment. So how can giving medical treatment, i.e. fluoridated water, which is intended to strengthen the teeth from the inside, be regarded by the NHS as less interventionist than a medical procedure?
"We want to look at your teeth and include the results in a database" = parental permission required.
"We want to give you an ingestable substance which strengthens the enamel of your teeth" = permission not required.

Also note that the noble Earl Howe is admitting that fluoridation infringes human rights. He also admits that flouting (fluoting!) human rights is justified. Has he lost his senses?

22nd October 2011

Due out in 2012, this film "The Great Culling" discusses water fluoridation in the USA.
Trailer Part 1 :
Trailer Part 2:

20th October 2011
Information from a “Living in Space” tutorial (Michigan, USA).

“Students were interested to learn astronauts swallow their toothpaste, which is safe because it contains no fluoride. Swallowing it keeps it from floating into space.” Living in Space
NEWS 14th October 2011

In New Zealand, New Plymouth District Council and Ruapehy Dictrict Council have voted to stop water fluoridation after 40 years of carrying out the practice. Go to the Newspaper Article for further information. In fact, quite a few cities and towns in America and Canada have recently voted to stop fluoridation. For a definitive list, go to

Even before the Health and Social Care Bill was passed through the House of Lords on 13th October, the 10 Strategic Health Authorities coalesced on 3rd October and became 4 super-SHAs. The new super-SHA for the South of England contains only one executive director who made the original decision to fluoridated Southampton back in 2008. Even Prof. John Newton is nowhere in sight on the new SHA. Wonder why? But note his dying swansong in the video referred to below: talk about defiant!

In the West Midlands, the super SHA is called NHS SHA Midlands and East and embraces West Midlands, East Midlands and Lincolnshire. This means that the number of pro-fluoridation members have been reduced down a tad.

Go to UKCAF for an analysis of the situation now that the fluoridation provisions in the Health and Social Care Act 2011 are more of a certainty.

 9th September 2011
An appeal has been submitted to the Scrutiny Committee at Coventry City Council regarding the decision by their Health Scrutiny Committee not to include water fluoridation in this year's programme. The issue is due to be reviewed by Scrutiny on 5th October. By then, the full implication of the section dealing with water fluoridation in the new Health and Social Care Bill will dawn on City Councillors. This Bill may become law in the next few weeks. A section in the Bill amends the section on water fluoridation in the Water Act 2003. It will be imperative for Coventry City Council to review water fluoridation at the earliest possible opportunity if the relevant section passes into law.
In addition, a US Government Department - the Environment Protection Agency - has published a database of DEVELOPMENTAL NEUROTOXINS. Fluoride appears under that heading. This has been brought to the attention of the Department of Health under the Freedom of Information provision.
EPA Database on Developmental Neurotoxins
Freedom of Information Request to the DH Sept 2011

 31st July 2011
WMAF is proud to announce that the first of many West Midlands' local groups' websites is now live. Coventry Against Fluoridation (CAF) can be found on: Please pay it a visit.

 15th July 2011
In America, it has been noticed that many drugs which contain fluoride are now sporting the following disclaimer: “This drug has not been found by FDA to be safe and effective and this labeling has not been approved by FDA." The Federal Drugs Agency is a rather autocratic agency which has upheld fluoridation for decades, so it's unlikely that they have authorised this labelling. So it looks as though pharmaceutical companies are going out on a limb. We await developments with interest.

12th July 2011
Tamworth Borough Council in Staffordshire, unanimously agreed to add the fluoridation issue to the work programme to their Health Scrutiny Comittee for 2011-12. If they don't have room, a special committee will be formed. It's regretted that Coventry City Council decided that the issue would be put on the back burner because they had 'more important issues" during the coming year. "What is more important than children's health"?

 10th July 2011
The demise of the UK's National Fluoride Information Centre is complete. Their website is no longer live, the domain name is up for grabs and their second and final Chairman, Prof. Robin Davies, has disappeared! Wonder if he has also gone off to Australia to join the first Chairman, Anthony Blinkhorn, and to strengthen the fluoridation programme down under?

Should we now expect a well-known toothpaste manufacturer to pick up the fluoride baton? Not really likely since that particular toothpaste manufacturer has recently produced a toothpaste for infants and toddlers in the USA which is labelled 'safe if swallowed'. It's without SLS, preservatives, artificial everything and without fluoride. Is this an admission? Non-fluoridated toothpaste is safe if swallowed, implying that fluoridated toothpaste is not safe if swallowed.

Where can I get my hands on a tube? 

 9th July 2011
Go to FADS Testing Service for an analysis of two more Natural Mineral Waters which are on sale in the West Midlands.

 26th June 2011
The Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risk (SCHER), which is an EC Committee, has now published its Final Report titled "Critical review of any new evidence on the hazard profile, health effects, and human exposure to fluoride and the fluoridating agents of drinking water". The conclusions to the Committee's research questions have become muted and we are left with an imperfect report which has had any persuasive powers stripped from it. Of the greatest concern is the complete absence of any mention of Ziegelbecker's findings regarding delayed eruption of teeth being caused by systemic fluoride. Of course, to admit to this theory would have left the SCHER Committee in a difficult position: no public health policy can be contemplated, let alone put into practice if it disrupts a child's physical development. If the SCHER Committee has been persuaded to water down its conclusions, then this particular heretical theory had to be kicked into touch in the hope that no-one would pick up on its absence from the report. Despite the application by SCHER of the 'dilute and disperse' model when drawing its conclusions, the report contains useful information for those who have the patience to read it from cover to cover. For the final report, go to Scher Report . For a commentary on the report and its conclusions, go to UKCAF's Analysis of the Scher Report

 23rd June 2011
A really important review of scientific research has been carried out recently which testifies to the damage caused by fluoride to our neurological function.  Go to: Valdez-Jimenez et al

 21st June 2011
Coventry:  The anti-fluoridation petition will be presented to Coventry's Health and Social Care Scrutiny Committee tomorrow in Coventry's Council House (Comm. Rooms 2 and 3) at 2.30pm.  This is the first time that the issue will be addressed by Coventry since that City became fluoridated in the early 1970s.

 16th June 2011
Southampton:  Gerri Milner's attempt to appeal against Judge Holman's decision not to allow a Judicial Review has failed.  This means that unless the Sec. of State for Health intervenes, South Central will now start making preparations for performing a new costing exercise, and, if the costs are not excessive, will begin the process of going out to tender for Fluoride Dosing equipment.  Our thoughts and best wishes are with opponents of fluoridation in the Southampton area.  Our hopes are that the equipment will prove too costly and that SCSHA will lose its nerve.  Fluoridation is not cost effective, particularly since only 15% of dental decay in a minority of socially disadvantaged children is the target of fluoridation programmes.

 8th June 2011
1 in 3 Five Year Olds in Birmingham have Tooth Decay

Figures have revealed that a third of children under the age of 5 in Birmingham have decayed or missing teeth.  Statistics have also shown that the number of people visiting a dentist in the city has decreased significantly and obesity rates amongst children are on the rise.

Birmingham Community Healthcare Trust has been using giant toothbrushes and teeth to encourage children to get involved in oral hygiene and take better care of their teeth and gums. Health experts are attributing high rates of decay and obesity to poor diets, full of sugary and fatty foods.

Jasmin Frater, a postnatal coordinator for the under fives programme, said that parents need to take responsibility for their children’s oral health and that oral healthcare should start from a very early age. Parents should teach their children how to brush their teeth and ensure that their children attend regular check-ups. Diet is also extremely important and parents should encourage their children to make healthy food choices. Regular check-ups and a healthy diet will help reduce the risk of oral health problems. Oral health conditions in children are linked to low self-esteem and poor performance at school and poor oral health can also contribute to serious health problems in later life.

Comment:  So even though fluoride has delayed eruption of teeth in Birmingham children, thus delaying the decay experience, fluoridation clearly does not strengthen teeth against decay.  What excuse will the Public Health Department in Birmingham hatch up now to artificially shore up the fluoridation programme?  Would it be right to say that tooth decay is now endemic in Birmingham?

 7th June 2011 
Fairbanks, Alaska has voted 5:1 to end water fluoridation following the recommendations of the Task Force to cease fluoridating the Fairbanks City.  

 4th June 2011
Tom's of Maine has finally sold out to American Dental Association pressure and is now marketing New Natural Simply Whitetoothpaste for that perfect smile which contains no bleaching agents or artificial flavors.  But it contains fluoride so, as far as I'm concerned, it's a no-no. NEWS, 27th May 2011   
Fairbanks, Alaska recommends stopping water fluoridation.

"Primarily because (1) the ground water used for Fairbanks public water contains an average of 0.3 ppm fluoride, and (2) higher concentrations of fluoride put non-nursing infants at risk, the task force recommends that supplemental fluoridation of the Fairbanks public water supply be
terminated." Part of Recommendation 1, Fairbanks (Alaska) Fluoride Task Force, 25th April 2011, p. 6.)

18th May 2011
We've recently learned that one of the bastions of pro-fluoridation in England has met its demise. The National Fluoride Information Centre at the University of Manchester has lost its Government funding. Did the rot set in when the government was informed by at least two organisations that the NFIC was not occupying a room in the derelict Coupland III building and that the NFIC did not have any full-time staff? In fact, from what we can gather, a member of Manchester's Dental School staff visited infrequently to pick up telephone messages. So apart from the spasmodic attention of the webmaster, there was little of substance to the organisation. With its funding of £125,000 per annum now withdrawn, we can expect the content of the notorious website (notorious because it contains so many errors and exaggerations) to be transferred to another format and we can also expect a world-famous toothpaste manufacturer to pick up where the Government has left off. To read more, go to the Hansard Link . Also, have a look at the cartoon on this site: Creativity

12th May 2011
Inaugural meeting, Coventry Against Fluoridation group, 11th May 2011.
Here is the newspaper report on the meeting: LINK

26th April 2011
We now have confirmation from YARA Chemicals at Immingham Docks, Lincolnshire, that the acid that is used to dose our drinking water is a 20% solution of hexafluorisilicic acid (H2SiF6) which is derived from the manufacture of phosphate fertiliser. YARA admits that the acid contains several contaminants. They try to excuse their involvement by declaring that the contaminants are of no concern. But - even though the hazardous by-product is diluted when added to our drinking water, do we really want to drink arsenic, mercury and lead when the water companies have spent money, time and effort removing contaminants at the Water Treatment Works? The expertise of water technicians is being negated by the addition of contaminants which are added just before the water is released for public consumption. I, for one, do not want to drink arsenic, even though it is in my drinking water in miniscule quantities. It's a carcinogen and is bio-accumulative.
Adding H2SiF6 is irresponsible. The water companies employ technicians who try to produce potable water but they are thwarted because they have to add back contaminants. Does this really make sense?
YARA Guidance Notes

13th April 2011

Scary or what!!?   Fluoridation Awards at Pittsburgh’s Westin Convention Center.  

Honored: Dr. Steven M. Levy receives the 2010 Fluoridation Merit Award at the National Oral Health Conference April 12 at the Pittsburgh Westin Convention Center from Judith Feinstein, oral health director for the Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and chair of the Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors Fluorides Committee chair.

Comment: This is the sort of idiocy that is driving the water fluoridation policy and which is 'doing us all in'.

 6th April 2011
The Southern Echo is a newspaper which serves Southampton. Since the beginning of the attempts to fluoridate that City in 2008, it has faithfully published letters and news on the issue. This following article summarises the legal position re. the attempts by Southampton resident, Gerri Milner, to fight the Strategic Health Authority through the court process.

By Jon Reeve, Daily Echo (Southampton)

THE controversial decision to fluoridate Hampshire tap water will go back to the High Court later this year. A date in June has been set for an application by Southampton mum Gerri Milner to appeal against part of the ruling that South Central Strategic Health Authority was right to approve the scheme. Since winning the judicial review case in February, the authority has vowed to press ahead with its plans, affecting nearly 200,000 residents in parts of Southampton, Eastleigh, Totton, Netley and Rownhams. Ms Milner last night said she believes it is "ridiculous" that the body has restarted work on fluoridation despite the on-going court challenge, and government plans to scrap all strategic health authorities as early as next spring. Her legal team, led by Sean Humber from Leigh Day solicitors in London, has lodged an appeal arguing the SHA did not properly evaluate the evidence for and against adding fluoride to tap water before its 12-man board unanimously approved the scheme in February 2009.

The plans had been on hold since June that year, when Ms Milner first applied for a judicial review, but earlier this year Mr Justice Edward Holman ruled the law states the SHA was not required to in follow public opinion reaching its decision. During a public consultation, more than 10,000 people gave their views on the plans, with 72 per cent saying they were opposed. The judge also refused Ms Milner permission to have a full judicial review into the way the health authority evaluated evidence before giving the scheme the green light. At the two-day hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice in January, it was claimed that not all board members had been properly informed of detailed arguments put forward in opposition, including those of Hampshire Against Fluoridation and Hampshire County Council. Ms Milner told the Daily Echo last night she is determined to fight the plans through the courts. She said: "It makes me so angry. Clearly they shouldn't do it while there's still legal proceedings against them. "It's so undemocratic. I don't think they've assessed either side properly."

An authority spokesman said: "The SHA remains satisfied that water fluoridation is a safe and effective way to improve the dental health of children in the Southampton area. "The SHA will work with the water authority on developing an implementation plan and it is likely to be a number of months before the necessary plant and machinery is constructed, operational and ready to commence the process of adding fluoride to the water supply." The application to appeal has been listed for a short hearing on June 16.

4th April 2011

FAN-Australia drops a bombshell on Water Fluoridation.  Media Release: Brisbane, Australia 4th April

Merilyn Haines, the director of the newly formed group FAN-Australia (Fluoride Action Network Australia), has found some startling statistics buried deep in official research material by ARCPOH (The Australian Research Centre Population Oral Health at the Adelaide Dental School) that could scuttle the water fluoridation program once and for all.

Haines has found in the ARCPOH statistics that the permanent teeth of children in largely unfluoridated (<5% before 2009) Queensland were erupting on average two years earlier than the children in the rest of Australia, which is largely fluoridated.  A two-year delay would negate all the small reductions in tooth decay claimed by dental researchers since 1990. In other words fluoridation doesn't work. Any difference in tooth decay claimed to be due to fluoride is simply an artefact of the delayed eruption caused by fluoride.  Link to full article.

CommentWe already knew about the delay in eruption being caused by fluoride disrupting metabolism. Dr Albert Schatz (the discoverer of streptomycin in 1943) calculated that the delay is 14 months on average. A delay in the growth of permanent teeth is not only due to fluoride disrupting a young child's metabolism but is also due to the late shedding of milk teeth because they too are delayed.  Moreover, the graph clearly shows that fluoridated 5-year-olds clearly have less milk teeth than their non-fluoridated peers. 

For young children to experience a 24 months delay in the growth of permanent teeth means that they are heavily fluoridated. The dose is the poison and, in hot countries, people tend to drink more fluids. It follows that a pregnant Australian woman has been drinking far too much tap water. This is an unwise practice because fluoride crosses her placenta and adversely affects the growth of her unborn child. If infants are fed on baby formula made up with fluoridated tap water, the disruption to growth continues. 

So, we now have conclusive proof that fluoride disrupts metabolism.  Fluoride postpones decay and does not prevent it.  The penalty for this delay is great indeed - Dental Fluorosis, altered bones, hypothyroidism and osteosarcoma, to name but a few of the negative health effects caused by this most unwise, obscene practice. 
Joy Warren, Co-ordinator, WMAF

30th March 2011

In 1990, the New York State Department of Health published a study, “Fluoride: Benefits and Risks of Exposure” alerting officials that fluoride can be harmful to kidney patients, diabetics and those with fluoride hypersensitivity even at “optimal” levels.  But the advice went unheeded, research left undone and today’s claims of safety ring hollow. (Source: NYSCOF@aol​.com, and

However, the US Department of Health, Education and Welfare exempted fluoridated water supplies from the FDA ban.  It also exempted the addition of such fluoridated water in the processing of food.

The UK's Food Safety Act, Section 55 exempts drinking water (which is a food) from the food safety provisions, while two illegal pieces of legislation (The Water Act 1985 and The Water Act 2003) allow the addition of fluoride to our drinking water.  The UK's Food Standards Agency (FSA) states "No essential function for fluorine has been proven in humans. However, it may have a role in bone mineralisation as it forms calcium fluoroapatite in teeth and bone and is known to protect against dental caries.  As no physiological requirement for fluorine has been established, guidelines on nutritional requirements have not been set. However, due to fluorine's role in the prevention of dental caries, some water supplies in the UK are fluoridated to achieve levels of 1 mg/l."

So, the FSA is sanguine about fluoride causing bone mineralisation without asking whether or not this is a good thing.  Note - there is no mention of the reduction in production of collagen in fluorapatite bone.  Whereas the US FDA states that fluoride "is not safe at any level", the FSA has yet to catch on!  (Adapted from Groves, B. 2001: Fluoride: Drinking ourselves to death. p. 257.)

On the other side of the world, in India, an ambitious scheme is nearing fruition.  A district comprising 132 villages is due to receive fluoride-free water.  Read the report here: Bhandara Villages   This expensive scheme has been put in place because the villagers have been suffering from bone deformities caused by fluoride in their well water.  

20th Feb 2011


A recent Freedom of Information request to the Dept of Health has revealed a scandalous policy which relates to Southampton infants, toddlers and the unborn child.  Go to for the full story.

The water utility company which provides Sacramento (USA) with fluoridated water has admitted in its cost analysis which discusses fluoridation expenditure that "the target population of fluoridated drinking water is infants and small children".

So what about the unborn child who is getting fluoridated via the placenta whether its parents want it or not?  It's very convenient not to consider their mental and physical needs!

Parents will never know how super intelligent their children could have been. Parents will never know that their Special Needs child could have ben normal if they had not been fluoridated. This is the tragedy of the situation. You will never know! While you're asking yourselves why your child had to be Special Needs, another will be wondering why their child, who should have been a genius, is not quite making the connections. Is this adjustment of our intelligence intentional or coincidental?

11th February 2011

The decision on the Southampton Judicial Review was given on Fri. 11th Feb. at 2pm.  Justice Edward Holman decided that SCSHA had not been wrong in tis decision.  For further information and an analysis of the judgement, go to UKCAF.  Despite this setback, we are not despondent: the fight goes on with renewed vigour!  In the last few days, Gerri Milner has file an appeal.  The date for the hearing which should give her leave to appeal is 16th June 2011.

9th February 2011

Calgary, Canada: a vote was taken by the City Council to stop fluoridation.  The vote was 10 to stop the practice and 3 to continue the practice.

LINK to radio interview between Prof. Mike Lennon (BFS) and Sarah Montague, Radio 4, Today.  Quite entertaining really.  Many complaints, including two from this organisation, have been sent to the General Dental Council and the BBC about Prof. Lennon's interview.

Fluoride is a carcinogen since it causes osteosarcoma.  In the UK, it is illegal for water companies to allow more than 0.01ppm of a carcinogen to enter river and lake ecological systems.  But it has been confirmed that 0.5ppm fluoride is in effluent which exits sewage treatment works.  It would be prohibitively expensive for the water companies to remove the fluoride before releasing the effluent.  So, the easy way to stop this cancer-causing pollution is to stop putting fluoride in the water.

 The bottom line is that fluoride is a carcinogen which is a compulsory medicine.

 It's time for our Department of Health to review its position!  Career pro-fluoridationists in the DH are batting on a very sticky wicket!

Meanwhile the British Dental Association and the British Fluoridation Society websites have remained silent on the topic of the US reduction in fluoride concentration.  Are they hoping that we haven't noticed?  

In New Zealand, an ill-advised dentist has been spouting off about extending the fluoridation programmes in his country.  Read the article here, together with a response by the Co-ordinator of WMAF:

During a recent 2010 study, scientists have determined that while fluoride forms a protective shield on teeth, it is as much as 100 times thinner than was previously believed.  Read the abstract  But we've been told that fluoridated toothpaste is a really good way to prevent tooth decay.  Now, we have to reappraise this advice.  Perhaps, after all, it's the mechanical action of brushing the teeth and gums which is the best way of protecting the teeth and perhaps it doesn't really matter what one uses on the toothbrush.  Once the age of 21 is reached, the enamel cannot develop any further and decay reduces after this age so why use fluoridated toothpaste?  Flossing is good, but not with fluoride-impregnated floss. (Yes, floss often contains fluoride).

“Water fluoridation delivers a drug to infants at a level which would be gross malpractice if prescribed by a physician or dentist."
(Dentist David Kennedy, International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). IAOMT is a network of dental, medical and research professionals in the USA which supports the effort to inform consumers about health risks from water fluoridation.)

VIDEO: Rachel's Story. This young woman discusses her dental fluorosis. The video has been produced by United Kingdom Against Fluoridation (

 20th January 2011
Southampton Judicial Review 19-20th Jan 2011

After two days of presentations by the Counsels for Geraldine Milner and for South Central Strategic Health Authority, the judge has retired to Chambers where he will deliberate his decision. We do not expect anything to happen now for a few weeks. When a decision is made it will be posted on this page. In the meantime, the fluoridation of 200,000 people cannot go ahead. 

We are nearing the end of the financial year and it is unlikely that SCSHA would be able to spend the £3.3 million in the DH piggy bank before it becomes forfeit as an underspend.  But will Andrew Lansley's finance department be persuaded to earmark funds for new fluoridation programmes for 2011-2012?  A Freedom of Information request reply has confirmed that HM Treasury does not award extra money for fluoridation: the money has to be found from within the NHS budget. This means that if it is allocated for 2011-2012, essential NHS services will feel the pinch. £14 million pa is not a small amount.

7th January 2011

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) at the Centers for Disease Control - CDC) in the US, has finally seen the light – but is still sitting on the fence.
Go to:

This coincides with the publication of an Associated Press article: 

In a nutshell, the DHHS is proposing to reduce the concentration of fluoride in the water supply to 0.7ppm. This will bring it into line with the Irish Republic but it will still be higher than the level imposed in Hong Kong (0.5ppm).  At the same time, the DHHS in the USA is still loud in its belief that 'fluoride is a won’erful thing'. Duh!

The American Dental Association has also gone public in an amazingly sycophantic article which has to be read to be believed. Hurrah – boot-licking is alive and well!

Up till now in the USA, 0.7ppm - 1.2ppm has been the optimal concentration range of fluoride in water, 'optimal' being the propagandists ideal level for the 'prevention' of dental decay yet low enough to prevent harmful health effects. Now, miraculously, 0.7ppm is the optimal concentration. If the ADA and other US organisations can get it so wrong all this time when they were warned time and again about the 'runaway dosage' (i.e. overdose) of fluoride from water and other sources being ingested and absorbed by American citizens, why should we believe them now when they say that 0.7ppm fluoride is 'safe and effective'. Let's face it, even a miniscule amount each day bio-accumulated over many years is suspect. The precautionary principle dictates that the safe and effective level of fluoride is 0.00ppm.
Fluoride Action Network has posted a statement relating to the reduction in concentration of fluoride to 0.7ppmF:

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