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13th October 2013

New Zealand's Advertising Standards Authority upholds complaint against Dental Practice which exaggerates fluoride's anti-decay effectiveness.

Harley Dentistry claimed in their ad, "water fluoridation reduces decay by 20 per cent in our most vulnerable people, our children and those on lower incomes." Harley Dentistry was unable to provide evidence proving the claim, putting them in violation of New Zealand’s advertising code of ethics.  For the full decision go to LINK .

8th October 2013

Fluoride interferes with essential iodine.
A New Zealand GP tests 101 randomly selected patients living in an artificially fluoridated area and finds that only 9% have adequate levels of iodide. LINK


October 2013

A long article by Mike Adams (Natural News) explores the hypocrisy of US politicians who are complaining about Syria using Sarin Gas (which contains fluoride) on its citizens at the same time as the USA is using fluoride on American citizens.  Food for thought? Definitely!  LINK


4th October 2013

Today, we'd like to tell you about a new link on the WMAF website. David Icke is now a trusted source and his website has published a short page on teeth: LINK .


5th September 2013

"How long has this been going on?"

Avon Park, Florida, USA stops fluoridation. 
City Manager, Julian Deleon, stated "The problem is that the fluoride injection pump has a fixed speed so when water demand is low it continues to pump the same amount of fluoride as during the periods of peak demand." “We have no quality control over fluoride injection into the water”.  LINK

But .... how many other fluoride dosing plants in the USA have the same issue?   No quality control when dosing the water with a developmental neurotoxin !?


31st August 3013

New Zealand dentist writes about fluoride - and he's not in favour!
This article by Dr Stan Litras is a breath of fresh air.  LINK


7th August 2013

The news (below) about Israel is kind of earth-shattering.  If the Israeli State can mandate to change fluoridation policy, then why can't the UK and Ireland also decide to change fluoridation policy.  What are the UK and Irish Governments and their Civil Servants so afraid of?  If they changed the policy regarding fluoridation, are we likely to sue them?  Perhaps they ought to take this away to their respective tipis and 'smoke it'!  They should not be swayed by those people who have the interests of YARA International above those of their own country and their own fellow countrymen/women.

6th August 2013


A couple of months ago, we reported that Israel had decided to allow local authorities to decide on continuing water fluoridation.  The issue of whether or not to continue fluoridation should be resolved during 2014.  We've learned that "within less than a decade of commencement of water fluoridation, inflammatory respiratory diseases such as asthma had increased by 100% in young adults in Israel" and conjecture whether the change in policy has anything to do with the State of Israel not being able to afford to have many of its young adults not being medically fit for national service.  A growing percentage of religious Israeli young adults are indefinitely postponing their national service, thus further reducing the pool of your adults who can be called up.

In the past 12 months, two countries (Aruba and Curacao in the Caribbean) have decided to stop fluoridation because of the perceived harm being caused by fluoride to people with Chronic Kidney Disease.  LINK

A really good video which clearly explains most of the issues surrounding water fluoridation.  It's one hour long.  The narrator, Darlene Sherrell who died in 2008, was from the USA but much of what is described applies to the UK and Ireland.  LINK

5th August 2013

Freedom of Information Request made to Public Health England.  Please go to LINK to see the content of the request.


3rd August 2013

Cranbrook, British Colombia
Kevin Millership, a citizen of Cranbrook, has started a law suit against Cranbrook City and alleges that the city has a duty of care for its residents and is negligently harming members of the [law] suit by adding fluoride to drinking water.  LINK  for the full article.

20th July 2013

Southampton: Is the water fluoridation programme drowning in its own lies?  
It's likely that Southampton is not going to be fluoridated any time soon. For the up-to-date story, go to LINK

Post Script (31st August 2013).  Public Health England (PHE, South of England) has gone very quiet!  Is that organisation hoping that Hampshire Against Fluoridation (HAF) will go away quietly without having a definite resolution?  They hope in vain!  Pressure is being put on PHE to state that their attempt to medicate 200,000 people has been abandoned.

20th July 2013

Natural News editorial:  "Fluoridegate is the next major civil rights issue."  LINK

9th July 2013

Fluoridation, New Zealand
In June, New Plymouth, NZ, voted to stop water fluoridation. This is part of one newspaper report which announced this decision:
"New Plymouth Council has decided to remove fluoride as from today. However, we will continue to fluoridate the water supply until stocks are exhausted because there is no other way of safely disposing of it." 
The link leads to an interesting short video which discusses NZ fluoridation is a little more detail. LINK

8th July 2013


Last year we reported that Pepsi-Max, which is made in fluoridated Rugby, contained 1 mg artificial fluoride per litre + aspartame.  The latter information is on the label whilst the former is not.  Now we have an alert from the USA about the caramel used by Pepsi. Please read the article and get informed:                                                                                           LINK


3rd July 2013

Interesting Letter from the USA

99.7% fluoridated Kentucky continues to have a "very high dental caries experience" whereas fluoride free Netherlands has a "VERY low dental caries experience". Both quotes are from studies paid for by the National Institutes of Health.

My daughter lived with brown streaks on her teeth all through elementary and high school due to the fluoridated water in the town where we lived. The forced fluoride pushers continue to say brown teeth are "just cosmetic", but my 13 year old daughter will disagree. And I can tell you how great fluoridated water is after spending $2500.00 to fix brown teeth caused by artificially fluoridated water. And...And... and she still got 2 cavities. What happened to the panacea called fluoride? Why, if fluoride is soo great, did my daughter have brown teeth and 2 cavities. And it wasn't because she didn't go to the dentist and didn't brush her teeth. It was fluoride. And do you think the city would pay for the repair? Of course not.

You should be able to drink as much water as you want without worry of getting dental fluorosis and brown streaks on your teeth.

Fluoridation doesn't work and is unethical to force medicine on anyone. No one will come to your rescue when your kids have brown teeth. I can tell you that for sure. You will pay for what the city did to your kids teeth.

To all the forced fluoride pushers: “Why do you feel it necessary to force medicine down the throat of MY children and then walk away and leave me holding the bill for the repairs when she ends up with brown teeth as a result”.

This story is complete BS. The Netherlands doesn't fluoridate and they have a "VERY LOW dental caries experience". “No fluoride”, DOES NOT mean “cavities”.

You can check the data for any State at the following CDC site:

Source: A Facebook User commenting on

June 2013

Water fluoridation and gross violation of medical ethics

On 30th May 2013, a complaint was sent by WMAF to the General Medical Council (UK) in which the Chief Medical Officer for England was accused of gross violation of the GMC's medical ethics in relation to water fluoridation policy and practice.  The linked document provides a synopsis of these medical ethics.  It is hoped that fluoridated and non-fluoridated people will take the opportunity of writing to the Department of Health in order to express their disgust that these medical ethics are being violated.                                            LINK 

As part of the complaint, WMAF prepared a table of sodium and sulphates found in bottled and typical samples of English tap water.  

NHS Choices (LINK) states: "Bottled water is not recommended to make up infant formula feeds for your baby. This is because it’s not usually sterile and may contain too much salt (sodium) or sulphate".

Of course, bottled water isn't sterile - but then neither is tap water.  Both have to be boiled.  So that can't be the real reason why bottled water is not recommended by NHS Choices.  

So perhaps it is because bottled water contains too much sodium and sulphate?  Not that either!  The results of WMAF's survey indicate that most regulated bottled waters (i.e. Natural Mineral Water and Spring Water) contain less sodium and sulphate than typical tap water!  The three most convenient and least expensive bottled waters  (Caledonian, Ashbeck and Eden Falls) have extremely low levels of sodium and sulphate.  They are sold in 5 litre bottles and are economical.

(Note that WMAF could not survey Table Water which is normally tap water which is bottled for the convenience of the customer. Levels of minerals in Table Water do not have to be declared on the label.)

WMAF Survey of NMW, Spring Water and Tap Water for Sodium and Sulphate Levels:  LINK

13th June 2013

Cockeyed logic brought to you courtesy of Orange County Water and Sewer Authority, California.

Dr Gary Slade, director of the UNC School of Dentistry’s oral epidemiology PhD program, said:

“... the discontinuation of fluoridation would eliminate choice. When drinking water is fluoridated, people have the choice of buying water bottles or filtering their water, but when it’s not fluoridated, it’s difficult to put fluoride into water if citizens want or need it.”

The Orange Water and Sewer Authority Board of Directors unanimously passed a motion Thursday to continue the fluoridation of its drinking water.



11th June 2013

YouTube Film: Fluoride and the Environment.  LINK

This film discusses the levels of fluoride in rivers and its negative effect on salmon and trout.  0.2ppm fluoride is the maximum concentration of fluoride above which salmon are inhibited from migrating upstream.  The level of fluoride in a river below the sewage outfall of a Coventry Sewage Treatment Works in March 2013 was 0.4ppm.  The insects on which salmon and trout feed are killed if the concentration of fluoride is above 0.1ppm.


23rd May 2013

A broad coalition of Portlanders (Oregon, USA) have resoundingly rejected adding fluoridation chemicals to the city's water supply. By a 61% to 39% margin, Portland voters agreed with the position of most western nations that there are safer, more effective, and less intrusive ways to promote oral health than adding a chemical linked to thyroid disease, IQ loss, and other ailments to the water supply.

“We are proud of our Portland colleagues who used science and integrity to defeat fluoridation and the public relations blitzkrieg that backed it,” says Paul Connett, PhD, FAN’s Executive Director.

Ed. Comment: Portland is a very large City in Oregon and the largest city to date to withstand attempts to fluoridate its citizens.

30th April 2013
... and so to round off this most capricious month, here is a critique of an article by the British Dental Health Foundation Website: LINK

26th April 2013

Data from Portland, Oregon, does NOT support water fluoridation

The raw data was difficult to extract from the relevant health department.  When it was finally released, this TV station analysed it and found that there was no convincing case for Portland's water to be fluoridated.  LINK

12th April 2013)  LINK

Israel's Health Minister has just announced that Israel will be ENDING its mandatory fluoridation program at the end of the year.  Health Minister Yael German signed new water regulations into law on Thursday that will give local governments the authority to end fluoridation for the first time since the mandate was created in 2002.  Minister German has also appealed to Israel's High Court of Justice to look into the legality of mandatory fluoridation, in hopes that they will deem the practice illegal.   LINK

An amazing research report: The Pharmacology of Fluoride by W.G. Rapp, PhD.
The report was written in 1950 before commercialism, skulduggery and politics half-inched the moral higher ground. The text is easy to digest, still relevant and scientifically valid. LINK


10th April 2013

New article on water fluoridation by Dr Joseph Mercola: a 'must-read'   LINK


5th April 2013

Latest news about our rivers

1km below Finham Sewage Treatment Works in Coventry, West Midlands, in the River Sowe, the level of fluoride was 0.4mgF/litre at the beginning of April 2013.  This means that the level of fluoride in our drinking water was approx. 0.8mgF/litre of drinking water.  At 0.1mgF/litre of water, water fleas die.  OK, I hear you say, what's the big deal? Well, water fleas are the staple diet of river trout and salmon.  If they are killed by fluoride then the trout and salmon are unlikely to survive.  So, anglers, if you haven't been able to catch any trout lately in rivers in the West Midlands, perhaps that's because of the fluoride killing the water fleas. What are you going to do about it?  The solution is to ...

                                                   ... CAUSE A STINK.


24th March 2013


"When as Members of Parliament we are asked to make known our position on the fluoridation of public water supplies, we are faced with the choice of saying we will uphold our constituents' right to choose whether or not they and their children will consume more fluoride, or of saying, we will deny them that right.

Having considered this matter most carefully it is my opinion that I have a duty to uphold and protect my constituents' right to choose."




Fluorine in all its gory details:                                                                                                      LINK

March 2013

AN AMUSING FAUX PAS FROM OKLAHOMA:                                                                       LINK

March 2013

But for 60 years, we were told that fluoride had to be drunk in order to remineralise the tooth by acting on the embryonic developing teeth prior to eruption.  It now seems that it's essential to be taken systemically so that the fluoride IN THE SALIVA can act directly on tooth enamel in the mouth.  I wish that the BFS would make up its mind!  LINK     

If it is not essential to 'alter' the composition of developing enamel in order to prevent tooth decay, why is the unborn child and bottle-fed infant being subjected to this toxin?

Update (8th August 2013):  There is only 0.02ppm fluoride in one litre of saliva. We produce very little saliva when we're sleeping, and during the day, we constantly swallow our saliva. Of the 1ppm fluoride per litre of water which we're ingesting, only the one-fiftieth in our saliva is now thought to help to prevent dental caries if it's allowed to bathe the teeth. That's one-fiftieth of the total cost of the fluoridating acid.  Therefore most of the acid is wasted and so too are our taxes.  If the UK's Department of Health has paid £10 million per annum to YARA UK for the fluoridating acid, £9,800,000 has been wasted.  This is truly money down the drain!

Something is surely rotten in the state of the UK ... and it's not teeth!

"If our saliva contains fluoride, then our entire body systems are awash with fluoride."    
(Brian Jackson, Friends of the Earth)                                                       
(March 2013)


March 2013

In many cases, this fluid is fluoridated tap water.  Fluoride crosses the placenta ......  LINK       

16th January 2013


Hansard source (Citation: HL Deb, 16 January 2013, c127W)

Earl Baldwin of Bewdley (Crossbench)

To ask Her Majesty's Government what implications the benefits of the Childsmile programme in reducing dental decay and social inequalities in dental health among children in Scotland have for their policy of water fluoridation elsewhere in the United Kingdom. 

 Earl Howe (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Quality), Health; Conservative)

The evidence of the success of the Childsmile programme is very encouraging. There are also schemes in England, which derive from the Brushing for Life scheme developed by the department aimed at getting young children into the habit of brushing regularly with fluoride toothpaste.  However, the advantage of water fluoridation is that its benefits are enjoyed regardless of personal behaviour.

I really don't know anyone who 'enjoys the benefits' of fluoride.  If any visitor would like to tell me what the 'benefits' are, please email WMAF@LIVE.CO.UK