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2014 News and Comment

December 2014 

The local Council in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia, has voted to stop water fluoridation.  LINK

County Kerry in Ireland has voted to ask the Irish Government to stop fluoridation.  This brings the total number of Irish citizens who are protesting against fluoridation to 1.5 million.  

Public Health England has scrapped its efforts to put the fluoridating acid into Southampton's water supply. 

Following the publication of research from the University of Zaragoza (Spain) which casts serious doubt on the safety of systemic fluoride (LINK), the New Zealand Health Minister, Dr Jonathan Coleman, has been asked by the Fluoride Information Network for Dentists to stop fluoridation immediately pending further research into the health risks associated with the practice. 


December 2014

Bedford Borough Council will be the next local authority under the spotlight.  Despite a recent motion calling for the cessation of fluoridation in the Borough, the Council has decided to refer the issue to a Scrutiny Committee.  The first hearing will take place in the Council House on 22nd November at 18.30.  It will last 30 minutes and questions will be asked by the Committee of anti-fluoridationists.  Another 30 minute session will take place in December when questions will be put to Dental Public Health Consultants.


21st October 2014

Dublin City Council votes 22 to 20 to request the end of fluoridation in the city. On 6th October, a motion put to the Council by Sinn Féin Cllr, Anthony Connaughan, called for fluoride or any derivative to be removed from the Irish water supply, and to make it a crime for anyone to put it into the water supply.   LINK    


21st October 2014

New Zealand has reduced the concentration of fluoride to 0.75 ppm During a very recent holiday on South Island, New Zealand, several tap water samples were collected from those towns which are known to fluoridate their water.  On return to the UK, the samples were analysed for fluoride.  The results are:

Invercargill = 0.6 ppm;  Dunedin = 0.7 ppm and Methven = 0.6 ppm

Thus is seems that the NZ government is keeping to its word to reduce the concentration of fluoride in two large cities and in a large town on the Eastern seaboard of South Island.  The fluoridating acid originates at The Bluff aluminium smelter a little to the north of Invercargill.  All the fluoridated towns on South Island are on, or close to, the coast and to the north of the aluminium smelter.  

21st October 2014

A Spanish research project concludes that fluoride damages kidneys and calcifies arteries:.  LINK  

Martin-Pardillos et al (2014). 'Effect of water fluoridation on the development of medial vascular calcification in uremic rats.'  Toxicology, 318 (2014), pp. 40-50,


1st October 2014


"My job as a senator is to protect the people, not to protect a failed government policy.  ....  
It is inarguably a breach of human rights to drug a population against their will, via the water system. ...   My motion in the Senate is to give back the human right to choose what drug each Irish citizen does or does not take into their body."


15th August 2014

NeonNettle Article on Fluoridation  

This year, WMAF has teamed up with Fluoride in Beds and that group's End the Fib campaign. (Bedfordshire, UK).  An initial result of this collaboration is this article which has been written by PR Consultant, Anna Bragga.  LINK

16th August 2014

Israel and the end of water fluoridation

According to the Jerusalem Post, "On August 26, regulations to halt all fluoridated [water programmes] will go into effect, and parents would have to act proactively to protect and improve their dental hygiene."       LINK

Minister German has been very courageous.  She is beset on all sides by pro-fluoridationists warning of dire consequences to teeth when fluoridation ends.  Dare we say that some of those who sponsor water fluoridation are quite probably fearing for a reduction in their shareholders' dividends when the company which produces the fluoridating acid will have to either find alternative markets or dispose of the hazardous waste expensively.

A congratulatory letter has been sent from Dr Hardy Limeback (Toronto) to Minister German.


Comment: It is ironic that the forebears of those currently living in Israel are said to have been given fluoridated water and food when in Nazi concentration camps in order to keep them placid.  Yet the State of Israel has been prepared to allow this practice to continue in post-war years.   For Israel, the shameful imposition of fluoridation cannot end soon enough.


4th August 2014

Article by a Sonona County (California) Resident

Dr Jane Nielson Ph.D (Geochemistry) used to be in favour of fluoridation until she did the research.  She is now a Member of the Steering Committee of Sonona County Water Coalition.  LINK

The article can be read here: LINK

5th July 2014

New Website - Be Fluoride Free:  LINK  We don't know who has hosted this website in the making but it is really worth accessing.  The videos are different and full of information.  Note particularly Video No. 4 which tells you how to detox fluoride.


21st June 2014

Article.  This article by Jenny Johnson highlights the gulf between pro-fluoridationists and those who oppose fluoridation.  LINK

17th June 2014

New Article on Water Fluoridation by Andy Dilks of Waking Times   LINK  

June 2014

Bolton and Bradford are now embarking on Childsmile Programmes.  Neither Borough has embarked on proposing water fluoridation.     LINK and LINK


17th March 2014


Dr John Renshaw writes: "The days of mass medication are surely over. People nowadays know how to look after themselves and have no wish to have additional chemicals added to their drinking water. They see this as an unwarranted and highly personal interference in their lives without public support and without a real chance for the people to object."  Got to LINK for the full article.

The author, who is a respected dentist, is a former Chairman of the British Dental Association.  Whilst not stating that fluoridation is a developmental neurotoxin, he is aware that when informed on the issue, most people say 'NO'.  Would that his colleagues in the BDA were as reasonable.


24th January 2014
Syrian Sarin Gas Disposal It is strongly rumoured that the sodium fluoride which is an ingredient of Sarin Gas was sold to the Syrian Government over the last few years by a UK 'manufacturer'.  Although we don't know the name of the supplier, we know the final destination of some of the Sarin Gas: Veolia's incineration plant in Ellesmere Port.  If it's incinerated, that will ensure that none of the constituent chemicals will escape to the atmosphere (we hope).  Incineration seems to be the method of choice of disposing of dangerous chemicals.  If it's a method of safe disposal, it's a great pity that YARA International has not chosen to incinerate hexafluorosilicic acid in the country of its origin - Finland.


23rd March 2014  

Philip Grandjean and Philippe Landrigan have published a systematic review report in which they have included fluoride as being a developmental neurotoxin.  LINK  This is in line with the earlier database published by the Environmentak Protection Agency (USA) in which fluoride was classified as a "chemical having substantial evidence of developmental neurotoxicity". .

Why is the Department of Health turning a blind eye?  A developmental neurotoxin impacts on child development, particularly when in the womb and when a baby is very young.  We know that all formula-fed babies in fluoridated areas are overdosing on fluoride.  WHY IS NO-ONE IN GOVERNMENT LISTENING?


 17th January 2014

 Estimated Dietary Fluoride Intake for New Zealanders 2009

This report has just been brought to our attention.  I know that we're always banging on about premature babies and full-term babies ingesting fluoride but this report justifies our persistence.  A sentence from the Conclusions on p. 41 says it all:  "Based on estimates in this study, an exclusively formula-fed infant consuming formula prepared with water fluoridated at 1.0mg/L and using fluoride containing toothpaste would have a greater than 99% probability of exceeding the UL." [Upper Limit]

Now, even though Kiwi infants are being exposed to excessive fluoride, the New Zealand Ministry of Health is not about to do anything to reduce or completely stop water fluoridation.  This is all too apparent from a reading of the remainder of the Conclusion which reads as though the researchers have been asked to massage their conclusions and to water down their recommendations.

It was ever thus!

Here is the full reference:  

Cressey, P.,  S. Gaw  and J. Love (2009).  Estimated Dietary Fluoride Intake for New Zealanders.  Christchurch: Institute of Environmental Science & Research Limited.  Client Report  FW0651 for the Ministry of Health.   LINK