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For a comprehensive library of videos on the topic of water fluoridation, follow the LINK
Also, go to LINK for a one hour video, narrated by Darlene Sherrell, which explains the history and drawbacks of fluoridation.

WMAF on Internet Radio, Radio, TV and u-Tube

Birmingham Community Radio. 15th February 2011, Joy Warren talks with Jacob Davidson about water fluoridation. 60 minutes.

The One Show, on a Friday in February 2012.  Interview with Dr Phil Hammond at the side of Frankley Reservoir (Birmingham) on a cold February afternoon in 2011.  The interview lasted one hour but only 1 minute was televised. The presenters managed to trivialise the entire issue!

The Ben Fellows Show. 6th September 2012. Joy Warren talks with Ben Fellows about fluoridation.
60 minutes.

Wild Time Radio, 1st October 2012. Joy Warren talks to Thomas Janak about water fluoridation.  
60 minutes. 

Out of the Bag, TNS Radio, Ireland, 23rd January 2013. Joy Warren and Walter Graham talk to Sean Maguire about water fluoridation.  1 hour.  LINK  The interview starts at 27:30 minutes.  

Black Country Matters, Bridge Radio. 102.5 FM. 14th July 2013, 2pm - 4pm. Joy Warren talks to Dr Paul Collins about water fluoridation.   1 hour during 2 hours. Replay is not available.

Coventry Community Hillz Radio, 8th August 2013 at 11.15.  45 minutes.  Replay is not available.

Coventry Community Hillz Radio, 14th August 2013 at 3.15 pm.  30 minutes.  Replat is not available.

u-Tube (27th August 2013).  Interview between Clive de Carle (Ancient Purity) and Joy Warren.  "Fluoride and how to avoid it."  1 hour 16 minutes.  LINK

Staffordshire University Radio, 25th March 2014.  Interview between Tom Meir and Joy Warren.  15 minute interview.

BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, 16th January 2015.  Interview between John Willis of BBC Look North and Joy Warren. 30 minut interview (not broadcast).

Permaculture Group, Birmingham, 13th March 2105.  Interview between Nyrees Titchener and Joy Warren.  60 minutes.

Hull, 3rd June 2015, BBC Radio Humberside.  Between James Piekos and Joy Warren.

Future Radio/TV

Interview with Brian Gerrish of UK Column.  Date tba.

WMAF Talks

West Midlands Fluoride Resistance, Inaugural meeting. 20th Oct. 2010.  Joy Warren
"The Fluoride-Altered Human". 2 hours.

Birmingham Truth Juice. 6th Mar. 2011.  Joy Warren
"Water Fluoridation: The Low-Down" 3 hours

Leicester Truth Juice. 2nd May 2011. Joy Warren
"Water Fluoridation: The Low-Down" 3 hours

Coventry Against Fluoridation, Inaugural meeting. 11th May 2011.  Joy Warren
"Fluoridation in Coventry" 45 minutes. 

Fluoride in Beds., Bedford Corn Exchange, 4th June 2013. (Joy Warren)
"Worlds Apart: Water Fluoridation and Medical Ethics" 20 minutes (as part of a longer programme. Can be extended to 60 minutes.)

Coventry and Warwickshire Freedom Rebels Network 3rd and 4th August 2013: (Joy Warren and Lynne Habermacher)
"it's only an itsy-bitsy amount and won't hurt you - honest!"  90 minutes.
"Worlds Apart: Water Fluoridation and Medical Ethics".  60 minutes.

Awaken Inn, 5th April, 2014 at the Bilston Community Centre, Wolverhampton.  "What are they doing to us now?" 45 minutes.

Hull, 16th March 2015.  Community Centre, Hull. Talk:  "Water Fluoridation - The Path of Least Resistance?" (Hull is threatened with fluoridation.  This was a marvellous opportunity to meet with fledgling anti-fluoridation activists. There were also 4 pro-fluoridation proponants in the audience.)

Bedford, 10th November 2015.  Appearance in front of Bedford Borough Council's Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Wakefield, 14th January 2016.  Presentation to Wakefield Borough Council's "Caring for Our People Committee".

Solihull, 24th January 2016.  "I Just Want Water in My Water".  Talk to visitors to the "It's Your Life" fair, Hogarth's Hotel, Solihull.  1 hour.

Bedford, 2nd February 2016.  Presentation to Bedford Borough Council's Overview and Scrutiny Committee.


Future talks

TBA Be The Change Trust, 5th April, at Heart + Space Wellness Centre, 68 Dalton St, Birmingham, B4 7LX.  15 minutes.

Apart from travelling expenses, free talks can be arranged.  Pleae contact if interested.