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Campaigners needed

Reading this website is just the beginning.

If, like me, you become incensed about:

* this complete denial of our human rights or

* our children’s teeth being permanently damaged by fluoride or

* the Medicines Act 1968, the Medicines Directive 2004 and the European Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine being ignored by the UK Medicines’ Regulator, the MHRA, ...

... you will want to do something about it. Get in contact so that we can work together to decide on how you can assert your right to receive wholesome water from Severn Trent and South Staffs Water.

There’s room for everyone in this campaign: activists, well-wishers, scientists, legal and medical professionals, people who are gifted at fund-raising, marketing, public speaking, etc.

Membership of W MAF is free (although donations are welcome to pay for printing costs).  For example, WMAF's campaign leaflet and postcard are available for download from this LINK .


W MAF's Coordinator

Joy Warren has worked in the West Midlands all her life, including several years in Government Departments and at a local University. She gained a BSc. (Hons) in Environmental Science in 2002 and has co-ordinated environmental awareness programmes and waste management initiatives for several years.

She is particularly concerned about the detrimental effects on our health of substances which are deliberately and accidentally introduced into our environment.  She has researched the fluoridation controversy since 2004 although other artificial and natural health-damaging substances also concern her.  She has recently gained a Certificate in Health and Nutrition as a precursor to the Diploma in Naturopathy.