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This page contains guest articles from experts in the field of water fluoridation, milk fluoridation and salt fluoridation.

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Fluoridation of Drinking Water — A drug by any other name by Kris Phillips (Parry Sound, Canada).  This practising compounding pharmicist discusses the controversy of adding a drug to drinking water.  Note the paragraph which discusses osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Informed consent: A vital and basic human right for our health freedom by Paul Philips.  The article discusses vaccinations, fluoridation and Smart Meters.

How Lead Came to Be in Flint Water by Professor James Deal and Dr Richard Sauerheber (2016).  Unintended consequences and the toxic interaction between lead, chloramine and silicic acid. 

Fluoride: Root of Contention
by Nick Parkins (2014).  A re-printed article which explores the scandalous origins of water fluoridation.  Also discusses tea consumption.

Our Daily Dose - the Film - Director's Statement by Jeremy Siefert (2015).

A new film on the topic which is excellently produced and highly persuasive. Required viewing.

Fluoride accumulation in bone: a preliminary investigation by Dan Germouse (2014).
(Reproduced here with kind permission from the author.)   The scandal of fluoridation is what it does to our bones over time.  Fluoridating Governments are clearly reluctant to investigate this aspect of water fluoridation.  Could it be that as more and more evidence builds up which demonstrates that fluoride is truly injurious to our health, Governments are forced to dig themselves more deeply into their holes where they feign ignorance of the injurious nature of fluoride intoxication?  Dan Germouse explores the amount of fluoride which accumulates in our bodies in the course of a lifetime of exposure to the toxin.  
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The Cause of Fibromyalgia by Jason Uttley (February 2007)     LINK

What the Fluoride Action Network Means to Me (December 2014) by Janet Nagel, USA.

To Begin at the Beginning (April 2014) by Malcolm Bowman, Wakefield, UK.  Malcolm has been involved in the fluoridation movement for many years. 

Fluoridation : The best kept toxic secret of the 20th century (17th April 2013) by Trevor Jones of Alberta, Canada.  This is a reprint from the Fair View and includes a discussion of why Texas Teeth in the 1950s were thought to have mistakenly been strengthened by fluoride.

An open letter to Jim Matheny (13th March 2013) by Daniel Zlec, BA (Lit. and Comp.); MA (Writing).  Independent writer/Researcher, Victoria, Australia.  Jim Matheny has attracted censure because of his biaised reporting.  This open letter is truly heartening.

The fluoridation failure (2nd February 2013) by Dr Paul connett, Director, Fluoride Action Network (USA)

Fluoride Lowers Your IQ : A Debated Truth?  (27th May 2012). by Mike Barrett, Natural Society, May 25, 2012

The carcinogenic nature of fluoride (8th January 2012).  A short explanation by Ian Packington, scientific adviser to WMAF, of why fluoride is considered to be a carcinogen or mutagen.

The proof against fluoridation is out there!(16th December 2011).  An article by John Spottiswoode of Hampshire Against Fluoridation.

South Central's attempt to fluoridate Southampton: the current situation. (2nd April 2011)  An article by John Spottiswoode of Hampshire Against Fluoridation.

I am an altered human (16th December 2010).  An article by Joy Warren, Coordinator of WMAF, which explains the change caused by fluoride to the composition of our bones.

SCHER meeting report, Part II (7th October 2010).  A report by Dr Paul Connett, Director of Fluoride Action Network

US Government collusion in human medical experiments no longer just a conspiracy theory (6th October 2010).  An article by Mike Adams of Natural

SCHER meeting report, Part I (5th October 2010).  A report by Dr Paul Connett, Director of Fluoride Action Network

Water and your child's health (20th August 2010).  By George Glasser and Andreas Schuld.

Thatcher the Snatcher (13th August 2010).  By Bernard Seward of Gluocestershire Safe Water Campaign.

End of free milk for kids? (10th August 2010).  By Brian Jackson, campaigner for Friends of the Earth.