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Post Codes which are fluoridated

The linked file above contains information on postcode districts which are either artificially fluoridated or naturally fluoridated..  Please contact for advice on how to check if an individual post code is fluoridated.  Alternatively, you can check this yourself by going to Severn Trent's water quality pages.  (Enter the post code with or without a space between the two postcode elements.)   Severn Trent Water Quality.    This facility is not available on the South Staffs Water website.

A map of the West Midlands showing areas which are fluoridated can be found on Fluoride Map of the West Midlands

Although the level of 1ppm is the target level of artificial fluoride (and natural fluoride over this level is diluted to achieve 1ppm), some parts of the West Midlands region seem to be fluoridated with concentrations of less than 1ppm.  This is either because the figure given in the water quality page for your post code is the average concentration or these levels are lower because of the logistical problems which Severn Trent faces.  It's to be hoped that logistical problems do not cause the levels to be higher than 1ppm!

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