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Archived News and Comment
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March-April 2020:  Because of the Covid-19 crisis, all attempts to go out to Public Consultation in the North East (England) have ceased temporarily until things are back to normal.

UK-wide fluoridation news and information for the period May 2020 onwards can now be found on the websites:  LINK and LINK


Northumbria has now declared (24th March 2019) that it will 'explore' fluoridation.  That means that the entire North East is threatened.  Letters have been sent to Northumberland County Council and Councillors have been told that WF as practised by fluoridating water companies is not compatible with UK law.  A few days later, readership of the research report "A Complete Waste of Money" increased by 40.  It's nice to know that Councillors have time to read our letters and investigate our concerns.  

County Durham, South Tyneside, Sunderland City, Northumberland, Darlington, Middlesbrough and Sheffield Local Authorities (LAs) are all "exploring" water fluoridation.  All Councils have now been told about the fact that WF is not compatible with UK legislation and things have gone quiet.  But is it a slumbering ogre?

Leicester City has solved its dental decay problems by treating children as individuals via its Healthy Teeth, Happy Smiles programme.  The really good news is that Hull has decided that WF is too expensive and the science is not proven so has called off the "exploration". 

Notice the new word "explore" has crept into Public Health England's vocabulary in order to persuade LAs to at least commission a feasibility study.  Once the money is committed, then LAs will be reluctant to admit that they have wasted money.  If an LA is really reluctant, PHE and the Clinical Commissioning Group (NHS) will pay for initial costs thus removing a reason for reluctance to "explore".  But note that PHE reserves the right to claw back the capital expenditure, the cost of the feasibility reports and public consultation from the local authority once the fluoride tap has been turned on. (Ref. Drinking Water Inspectorate, 
Code of Practice on Technical Aspects of Fluoridation of Water Supplies 2016, page 2.).  In the case of West Cumbria, PHE has clawed back the cost of installing replacement fluoride dosing equipment. The expectation therefore is that 'exploring' local authorities will also be expected to stump up for everything.

21st July 2019 - update of the seeming situation in Hull
Even though Hull City Council decided to cease 'exploring' WF in summer 2018, dentist Simon Hearnshaw and ex-MP Alan Johnson are still trying to put a brave face on it.  We're told that Hull's pro-fluoridation campaign was highly effective (!) and that the new National Community Water Fluoridation Network led by Simon Hearnshaw is succeeding in pushing the WF exploration towards a public consultation.  This is odd though, because the feasibility study has not yet surfaced and there has been no discussion at City Council Committee level regarding a resurrection of WF.  Enquiries are being made of Hull City Council.   

Regarding the "highly effective pro-fluoridation campaign", this is sheer self-delusion.  UKFFFA and Hull for Pure Water were active for the short time that Hull City Council was being 'persuaded' to 'explore' WF and from our point of view, the one meeting in public which was held by the pro-fluoridationists at Hull University - a meeting laughingly entitled "The Conversation" - ended with several well-targetted questions from the disbelieving members of the audience soundly debunking the panel's claims about fluoride's effectiveness and safety.  We were pleased to be able to tell the audience and panel that it was outrageous that in order to add fluoride to drinking water, the water companies added arsenic and a few other undesirables. 

Those opposing WF in Hull were unaware of there being a successful campaign in favour of WF.  If anything, the attempt to fluoridate Hull was spearheaded by one Labour Councillor (now retired) and one MP (now no longer an MP).  At the time, the entire Labour Party stood behind the retired Labour Councillor but when he retired in April 2018 at the time of the local elections, quite a few Labour councillors lost their seats and quite a few Lib Dems and Independents took their place.  Since the new Councillors were and are against fluoridation, it is hard to see how the pro-fluoridation campaign could have been highly effective.

Update: We have received confirmation from Hull City Council (Cllr Phil Webster) that there have been no meetings and no discussions recently by the City Council regarding re-visiting WF.  We have to assume that dentist Simon Hearnshaw and ex-MP Alan Johnson are dwelling within a miasma of their own invention.  Heaven only knows how the principals who run the British Fluoridation Society have managed to survive for 50 years after constantly breathing in the same miasmic fog which follows them everywhere.

Update - 19th Oct. 2019:  Northumberland County Council (NCC) has received a feasibility report from Northumbrian Water and rather too quickly had a Cabinet meeting on 9th October at which they decided to request the Secretary of State to approve a Public Consultation without going through the scrutiny process.   Durham County Council has also received a feasibility report but has announced that it will scrutinise.  Sunderland City Council has not received a feasibility study but has arranged a series of scrutiny meetings during November.  This is a mixed bag of reactions.  We are particularly concerned about NCC because parts of the county have not been fluoridated since the mid-2000s due to equipment failure and yet there has been no attempt to compare dental decay before equipment failure with dental decay after failure.

UK-wide fluoridation news and information can now be found on the website:  



16th April 2020:  Acclaimed essay by a Professor of Environmental History - Press Release.

The press release can be found on this

Water Droplets.  Photo: Heidi Westum

13th April 2020:  Scientific American article which explains why modern-day children's teeth are causing quite a bit of trouble.  LINK

12th April 2020:   It looks as though Calderdale (Halifax, Yorkshire) is likely to be targeted for Water Fluoridation.  Calderdale has the worst decay in ....


10th April 2020:  This is a reassuring article which gives breastfeeding the green lilght.  Of course breastfeeding doesn't cause Early Childhood Caries.  That's one myth we're pleased has been debunked!  LINK

30th March 2020:  An important video of Dr Paul Connett's (Fluoride Action Network) recent 'tour' of Australia which describes developments relating to fluoride's developmental neurotoxicity.  LINK


30th December 2019:  2-page summary of the conclusions reached by US studies on fluoride and reduction in intelligence.  LINK

The dynamic links to the cited research in the LINKED .pdf file are below:

Valdez-Jimenez 2017                   Bashash 2017                   Bashash 2018

Malin 2018                                    Green 2019                                   Riddell 2019                                

JAMA Pediatrics Christakis podcast                                     Malin 2015 

Till 2020                                                   Malin 2019                           Luke 1997                

FAN 64 IQ studies webpage      NRC 2006                            Needleman 1990

(Technical hitch - the links are no longer dynamic in the LINKED file after it was converted to a .pdf file.)

Chris Neurath, Research Director of Fluoride Action Network (USA) has produced this 2-page summary which is a must-read for all opponents of water fluoridation.  It is also imperative that pro-fluoridation proponants read the document so our sister organisation, UKFFFA, plans to send it to the DHSC and to the local authorities in the North East who seem to think that fluoride is good for you.

29th December 2019:  Initial conclusion on fluoride's developmental neurotoxicity by the USA's National Toxicology Program.

On Oct 22, the National Toxicology Program (NTP) published a draft review of fluoride’s neurotoxicity concluding:

“…Fluoride is presumed to be a cognitive neurodevelopmental hazard to humans. This conclusion is based on a consistent pattern of findings in human studies across several different populations showing that higher fluoride exposure is associated with decreased IQ or other cognitive impairments in children.”

Until the draft review has been peer reviewed, it is not advisable to quote this publication.   However, it is significant that the draft review report has been published now, prior to peer review. 

The word "presumed" may be seen by some as not being highly important.  However, as explained by Paul Connett (FAN's Director), "presumed" is one step below "known".  Once the review has been peer reviewed we fully expect the classification to be changed to "known".

WMAF will upload the peer reviewed paper as soon as it becomes available.  This is a significant step forward for our movement.

28th December 2019:  Shocking dental extractions during 2019 in England.

Reported in the Express and the Mirror (LINK) on 22nd December.  35,000 children aged 2 - 17 had tooth extractions and 54 under 9 years of age had all their teeth removed.  This prompted an on-line comment by WMAF:

"It's refreshing to see that, for once, an article on teeth has been published which doesn't include the words "water fluoridation". The BDA is also steering clear of advocating fluoridation and is more concerned with the lack of NHS dentists. However, parents who go out to work during the week are likely to find it difficult to take their children to the dentist for a check-up and will only make the effort if a child has toothache, by which time it's probably too late to save the tooth/teeth.


It's scandalous that parents allow their tiny tots to lie for hours at a time sucking on a bottle of sugary liquid as a comforter. This causes rampant decay euphemistically called "incisor decay". It used to be known as "baby bottle decay". No doubt the 'label' was changed to save embarrassing negligent parents! Yes - this is child neglect. In 2017, 5.1% of all examined/surveyed 5-year-olds in England had had baby bottle decay. How many more children aged less than 5 years old were also suffering from baby bottle decay in 2017? (Total 5-year-old population was 704K.)


Although it would be ideal to recruit more NHS dentists, oral health begins in the home and that's where Health Visitors prove their worth. To stamp out this awful child neglect, we need more Health Visitors with time to embed oral health, especially amongst 'hard to reach' families."

16th December 2019:  The Money Wasted on Chasing a Dream:  Water Fluoridation, Public Health England and Phantasia.

We've uploaded two vastly entertaining documents on PHE's Return on Investment calculations LINK and on the complete waste of money as fluoridated water runs down the drain LINK .

The RoI is a vain attempt to convince Local Authorities that the NHS stands to save lots of money because of Water Fluoridation.   We've all heard the expression "rubbish in, rubbish out".  Well, that expression is exemplified by this "model" which flatters to deceive.  UKFFFA presented the case against WF in Sunderland last month and explained how the basis of PHE's belief that WF saves the NHS lots of money is FLAWED.

The second file is an extract from a paper entitled "A Complete Waste of Money" which can be read in full on Researchgate.  LINK.  The paper is slightly out of date now but the extracted version contains the up-to-date costs of WF.

15th December 2019:  Will the Skiing Industry lead the way to a ban on fluoride?

Perhaps this is somewhat too wishful for water fluoridation but ski wax containing PFAS (perfluorooctanoic acid) has been banned from the ski season 2020-21 onwards.  Go to LINK to read the full article.

14th December 2019:  Video - 5 Hammer Blows of Science that Shatters the Notion that Fluoride is Safe for Children's Brains.

In this Video, Dr Paul Connett of the Fluoride Action Network (USA) describes the recent peer-reviewed science which links fluoride exposure of the fetus and infant to lowered intelligence. 
This is a "must watch" video.    LINK

28th October 2019:  A Short Video on Hydrofluoric Acid


22nd October 2019:  Water Fluoridation Costs for England for 2018-19

We have finally received the breakdown of costs for England via a Freedom of Information request.  Receipt has been delayed because PHE needed to query some of the costs submitted by the fluoridating water companies.

2.  Costs of Water Fluoridation 2018-19 for Each Fluoridating Local Authority


All the costs are added to a spreadsheet so that we can see the trend in increased expenditure of Water Fluoridation over the years.  We are aiming to link this to the website soon. 

It is scandalous that 98.7% of the £1,272,559 spent on the fluoridating acid is either lost in leaks or goes down the drain without being drunk by water company customers.  Since so little of the acid is drunk by the target group, the money spent on equipment and maintenance is also wasted.  That's £3 million of tax-payers' money squandered on an outrageous public health measure.

It's a mad, mad, mad world! 


All content from Jan. - 19th October has now been archived in NEWS 2019

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